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Universal Service

Universal Service Obligation funds have become one of the common techniques used by governments to provide communication services to citizens, in particular those who live in rural areas, far away from the infrastructure that makes it financially viable for operators to invest. Governments, communication regulatory bodies and mobile operators usually cooperate together to utilize these funds in a way that delivers the most benefits. Operators usually want to at least cover their operational costs, while governments want to deliver telecom services to the largest possible number of citizens using these limited funds.

The MORGANTEL GSM solution for rural coverage is designed to address all challenges faced in rural areas. It is optimized for power consumption and backhaul bandwidth utilization. It is also completely powered using sustainable power sources with up to 6 days backup autonomy. This is important because in most cases where rural coverage is provided by satellite, the option for backhaul, effective compression techniques and local switching facilities are applied to either voice and data traffic. The estimated 4kbps per call significantly reduces backhaul cost. In addition we also help in resource sharing in both passive equipment and telecoms. We can help governments build GSM sites that are connected to all local operators, giving citizens the freedom to choose whatever service they like. Although GSM delivers both voice and GPRS, it is also applicable to 3G and Wi-Fi for high data capacities.

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